There are many people who often get confused when it comes to buying foie gras. It is safe to buy foie gras in cans and glass as both are safe and hermetic. Cans have the benefits of being easy to handle and open. When you are buying glass jars you have to compare them with others. It is wise to check the closing system. Glass jars have the benefits of allowing customers to check the final product as you are able to see the contents in the glass clearly. In order to buy foie gras that is a high-quality one you can get information about the producer and the processing methods deployed.

Ensure that the foie gras you are choosing has been made by an expert. The quality is good if it is made with processing methods that are traditional. The first sight of the foie gras specimen will also provide you with an insight on its quality. The colour of foie gras depends on its origins, type and methods of cooking. It can range from a light grey to pinkish rose. Good quality foie gras generally have a spotless texture that is homogeneous and clear. With the help of the above tips you are able to know where to buy foie gras for your recipes.

Foie Gras, a French delicacy is used in many gourmet dishes. Before you are going to cook the liver you must find fresh foie gras unless you live near a producer or any specialist outlet. It is not prudent for you to buy duck foie gras that is canned as it is generally not of the same quality as the fresh or chilled ones. The Foie Gras in jars is generally a pate and not part of the actual liver in itself. At times you find foie gras frozen in a kind of shrink wrapped tray or vacuum pack. When you are buying it you should choose one that is smooth and has a rich nice colour.

At times you may find that it is icy and looks dry in some parts. In this case, you need to avoid it. These patches indicate that it has been burned in the freezer or has been stored improperly. The handling of foie gras is also very important. You will need to check its use by the date and freezer. The goose foie gras needs to be rock hard and cleaned. It has to be maintained well and kept in a good working freezer. The colour of the slab must be from beige to fawn brown and should be kept without blemishes