Truffles are a delicate and rare type of mushroom without a stem that can be consumed by humans. Truffles grow in the regions of Italy, France, Slovenia and Croatia. There are also some white truffles that are collected from Oregon and Washington in the USA. Asia, China and the Middle East also boost of some truffles too.

Truffles do not grow above the surface of the ground. They grow beneath it and can be found around the roots of the willow, pine, oak, elm, chestnut and other trees. They are natural food and they form a unique symbiotic relationship with the environment where they are found. Black Truffles are very expensive and they cannot be cultivated. There have been attempts to duplicate growing conditions however efforts have failed. This is not feasible commercially and it is not considered to be cost effective either. This is why they are highly priced and very expensive.

Truffles should not be confused with chocolate covered truffles that are nothing but a confectionary. These truffles have no relation to the natural mushroom ones found. Truffles have a pungent smell and their taste is often compared to garlic. They are served by chefs around the world uncooked and generally shaved and sprinkled onto dishes like soups, salads, omelets and pasta. For ease of use many buy white truffle oil as it is easy and fast to use on your dishes.

It is generally believed that truffles are available from Europe however Asia is known for them too. One of the most sought after truffles of Asia is the Terfez truffle that is rich in aroma and used in gourmet recipes.

Terfez truffles are a kind of Asian truffle. They are called terfezia bouderi, terfezia spp or the terferzia claveryi. They are also known as black kame, desert truffle or the brown kame. This truffle owes its origin to the semi-dry regions of the Middle East, North Africa and from Morocco to Iraq.

This truffle is a subterranean mushroom that grows widely under the hot desert and is collected after heavy rains. This has been going on for a thousand of years. The terfez truffle is considered to be the most widely collected truffle in the world, especially used to make truffle oil. These truffles have been attributed specific aphrodisiac properties and they are commonly associated with the Greek Goddess of Love, Venus.

The aroma and smell of this truffle is very pungent and some also state that its perfume is overpowering. It is traditionally cooked with such dishes like couscous that is high in protein. It is a light coloured truffle and it is generally harvested from late December to the early part of April. If you are looking somewhere for more information on truffles check out which has a lot of products like honey and oils for sale.